The Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation’s Mission

Harold H. Kynett created The Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation, Inc.in memory of his wife, Edna, in 1954 to improve cardiovascular health in the Delaware Valley. The Foundation funds community health, professional education, and research programs focused on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Community Health

Community health programs should seek to improve the cardiac health of underserved, high-risk populations. The Foundation prioritizes prevention and in particular wishes to reduce children’s exposure to risk factors such as stress, poor diet, or lack of physical activity and maximize a program’s impact across a child’s life: addressing risk factors in more than one setting or engaging both primary caregivers and children. In addition, the Foundation is particularly interested in programs offering stress reduction, both for children and within families.

Professional Education

Continuing professional education programs must take place in the greater Philadelphia area and target physicians and other health services providers who work with high risk, underserved populations. The Board will give additional weight to proposals that provide scholarships to healthcare professionals who are not physicians or that develop innovative curricula for health professionals who work with underserved populations.


Proposed research should address issues of cardiovascular health, particularly prevention and risk factors as they relate to women, children, minorities, and the economically disadvantaged and the delivery of healthcare services in underserved communities.

Grants are for one year, generally do not exceed $50,000, and may fund specific programs or general operating funds.

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Board of Trustees


Elizabeth Goldmuntz, MD

Daniel Edmundowicz, MD

Victoria A. Weill, MSN, CRNP

Jennifer Roca

Nathalie A. Bartle, Ed.D.

Scott Charles, MAPP

Gerald DeVaughn, MD, FACC

Marisa Rogers, MD, MPH

Estefania Oliveros Soles MD, MSc, FACC, FACP

Paul Stephens Jr. MD

Angela D. Stewart, ACNP

Martha E. Morse